R.A.W.: Real, Aware & Whole

Classes & community to support Black women in healing.

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For The Woman Who Wants To:


Understand the connections between your experiences, feelings and behaviors.


Remember who you are purposed to be, before the pain started to change you. 


Meet other like-minded women, committed to this journey and here to support each other. 

What Is R.A.W.?

R.A.W.: Real, Aware & Whole are safe spaces curated for Black women by Black women.

We know that trauma lives in our bodies. We believe that as Black women through out the diaspora we must prioritize our healing so that we can heal our families. We are our ancestors wildest dreams, AND we are the ancestors for future generations.

We prioritize learning tangible skills and holistic wellness methods to support you on your journey. R.A.W services are not therapy, but rather group coaching offerings where healing through connection is prioritized. We know that we often feel alone and our pain is not talked about in our families or among our friends.

The R.A.W. woman has believed in the "strong Black woman" narrative and dealt with all life's pain in silence and/or with a brave face. She is the "go-to" for so many, yet feels like she has no one to go to.

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"My time in the RAW group with Melissa has been instrumental to my healing journey. Melissa has helped me to begin retelling my stories to get to the truth of what the situation actually was. Too often we create narratives that benefit the space we are in, until that space no longer serves us. Blessings!"


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