About Melissa:

Melissa Ifill is a heart centered practitioner, here to support you on finding your way back to you and choosing the life you are purposed for. She is a priest of Oshun, intuitive wellness guide, clinical therapist, spiritual mother and licensed clinical social worker. The forever learner, Melissa uses energy work (attuned to mastery level for Reiki), training in sound healing, practices of meditation, breathwork and somatic techniques as vehicles to support wellness for her clients. She is the owner and lead therapist at Melissa Ifill & Associates, a boutique therapy practice based in NY and Georgia. 

Melissa is able to bridge the gap between traditional healing practices and clinical understanding to provide effective coping tools and education on how your mind, body and spirit are impacted by painful experiences.  With the understanding that healing is a lifetime journey, Melissa focuses her work on holistic and indigenous wellness practices as it is her belief that these centuries old tools best support us in resolving centuries old trauma.

Through her work with R.A.W.: Real, Aware & Whole, Melissa curates spaces for Black women to (re)learn themselves and the skills needed to heal their wounds as they connect in community. Her passion is working with Black women to help them get unstuck so that they step into the fullness of the lives they long for. She gets excited when she is able to encourage Black women to see themselves as whole people and thrive in spite of past trauma. Two of her favorite sayings - “the glow up is in the show up” and “you get to choose” - exemplify her passion for teaching techniques to support you in divinely co-creating your life. Her goal is to help you take your life off autopilot and put you back in the driver's seat towards your dreams.

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