2022: Dive Into YOU

Dec 23, 2021

The time has come for us to say good-bye to 2021. And just like ending 2020 it seems like there is so much that surprised us about this year as our world consistently seems to be turned upside down on its head. It seems like there are very few things we can plan for and very few things that we can say that we know for certain. 

The truth is, we never knew these things but we used to be able to trick ourselves. 

My ask for you is to be okay with that. I know that is hard. I know that a part of the story we create and the “thing” that we do is to prepare. We prepare by wanting to know who will be present, what we will be doing, what the outcomes will be so that we can decide how we will behave. We believe that this is what will make things okay. And in the world that we know today, we do not know any of these things so many find themselves feeling lost, despondent and anxious. The truth is, we never knew these things but we used to be able to trick ourselves. Now, there really is no illusion. Things change so fast and so often, we are uniquely aware that the ground we have been standing on IS a poorly laid foundation. 

It is poorly laid because any foundation that starts outside of you, is reliant on anything other than your own capacity, intuition and faith is a foundation that can falter. Now, I am not saying that there is anything wrong with community (relationships with others) or communion (intentional time with others) or even wanting to feel the “stability” that comes with things that are required in our society (money). However, so many have more faith and put more work in THOSE things than you do yourself. You work for the validation of others, you work to get money to feel stable, your anxiety works over time, having you think about every scenario so you can plan your responses to appear in control. 

In 2022 consider what it looks like to surrender to the external factors because you have gotten to know yourself so well, that you KNOW what you can impact and you focus on that. 

Personally, I have started a whole healing journey that will take me so deep that I know myself on a cellular level. I will be paying such close attention to myself that I will know how specific foods affect me, I can anticipate illness by my patterns, I plan for ease and that no matter what I face I can choose my responses and create what I desire. I will be sharing more on my journey so stay tuned.

I am committed to the wellbeing that comes with truly understanding what self care means for me.

In our final 2021 R.A.W. Girl Talk session we talked about devotion vs. discipline (if you registered you should have the replay). I asked everyone to decide what they want to be devoted to and to understand what behaviors demonstrate that devotion.  I am devoted to my full spectrum healing and learning what it means to be so grounded in myself and in God that I CAN surrender because my consistent behaviors have led me to a place where I no longer feel the need to control external factors. I am committed to the wellbeing that comes with truly understanding what self care means for me.

Do I have more specific personal and professional goals for 2022, sure I do. But having this as a compass to always come back to will help me get rid of anything that does not lead me here. 

It is time to dive deeper and get to know ALL of you, so that no matter what you know your foundation is stable, your vision is clear and your actions are intentional choices.


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