2020 Changed My Mind

Dec 31, 2020

This year many of us were “forced” to do things that we would not have wanted to do. We could not spend as much time with family, our travel was halted, our ability to move was limited. There was even a period of time when we had no clue what was going to happen next. Some of us may say that we’re still in that time. Because truthfully who knows what will happen next? But, in a world that is changing, what are you willing to change?


2020 for me has been a milestone year because it reminded me of all the things that I wanted that I have denied myself. It reminded me that I really really value the life of ease. Not easy but ease. And I have not had that simply because of all of the stories I told myself about who I needed to be and what I needed to be doing and what success looks like. 2020 put me to sit the fuck down. And the truth about my life is that God sees fit periodically to sit me the fuck down. It’s because I don’t always listen. I don’t always listen to me, I don’t always listen to my heart, I don’t always listen to what speaks to my spirit and I don’t always acknowledge what I want. I’m always pushing through to the next thing and I assume that the next thing will come with such a sacrifice that I don’t even consider that I’m making sacrifices I neither want to make or that I need to make. 

2020 has reminded me that I need to change my mind. I need to put myself in a place where I’m always considering what I want. Not the goal, not the end result of the thing, not the next accomplishment, but the ENERGY of the life that I desire to create. That what my heart desires is rooted in the energy of simplicity and clarity. And when I start with that intention, when I start with that vibe, when I recognize that I AM the vibe it gives me permission to admit what it is that I really want.

2020 has “forced” so many things on us, but if we’re honest with ourselves a lot of those things are things that we needed, the things that we wanted, the things that our spirit has been asking of us for such a long time, but our mind didn’t think was possible. 2020 has required us to simply change our mind. 

There are two things that I want to acknowledge two special categories: tremendous losses and the fact that some of us don’t want the change. 2020 has brought us a lot of losses in both people and things. And I don’t want to be neglectful and not mention the heartbreak that caused. However because the circumstances of that pain (although great) are inevitable we would be better off feeling our pain and trying to sit in lessons, than simply lamenting about the circumstances. There are a lot of us that have spent 2020 fighting, looking for ways to do the things that we have always done in the same ways that we’ve always done them. And we are ending 2020 with so much regret. For those people I will suggest that if this year has not taught you anything, if you are ending the year with more lamenting than understanding then 2021 will not bring you anything different. You will revert back to the same way of being and the same thinking. And while I want to honor that no one wants the pains of 2020 again, I do want to suggest that we take the time to look for the lessons and the blessings in the pain..

There are things that we always say about New Year’s that truthfully I can’t stand like “new year, new me.” But the truth is 2020 was such a groundbreaking year and if you were moving into 2021 waiting for the old you and for the old things I’m wondering if you even recognize how limiting your capacity is for a new you. So on this New Year’s Eve I encourage you to consider the following: what you want from your life? What intentions do you want to build into your new life? What do you have to change about your mind to get there? What do you have to stop assuming to achieve it? What stories do you have to unlearn to accept it? Who do you need to be to be able to make the most out of any situation and to always be able to achieve and understand the lesson and the blessing?

May these questions reveal to you the life that you really want and give you the courage to actually create it.


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