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You already know, we help you remember.

If 2020 has shown us nothing else, it has taught us that time goes by. No matter what we are doing, no matter what else is happening, time goes by. 

  • Are you ending 2020 in the same (or worse) emotional state than you started?
  • Did 2020 remind you why sitting still is so hard?
  • Are you determined to up-level your life in 2021 but not quite sure how?
  • Are you looking for a full healing experience, mind, body & spirit?

Then R.A.W. Sacred Tribe is for you. 


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Is The Sacred Tribe For You?


R.A.W Sacred Tribe is for the woman who has ALMOST everything! You can take the trips. You can buy the bags, shoes and experiences...except the experience of true peace. You are the "go to" person for everyone, yet you have no one to go to. You live a high end lifestyle, but you don't have a "high end" relationship with yourself. What you thought you would get by getting "here" (having the money, the profession, the status) is still eluding you and you are not sure why.

 In the Sacred Tribe you will spend 12 months receiving individual coaching, group coaching and specially curated spiritual and holistic wellness tools and services to support you on every step of your journey. 

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What You'll Get During This 6 Month Journey

  1. 1 Welcome box with tools to begin your journey.
  2. 12 Monthly Individual Sessions with Melissa (75 minutes each).
  3. Level 1 to 4 of R.A.W.
  4. R.A.W. Girl Talk Community (monthly events, daily community)
  5. Sacred Tribe Membership (connect with other women in this unique group)
  6. 1 Spiritual Reading 
  7. 3 Spiritual Oils (to support you in grounding, connecting to ancestors and manifestation)
  8. 1 Chakra Reading & Cleansing
  9. 1 Spiritual Bath 
  10. 1 Pendulum Reading
  11. 1 2 hour Reiki Session
  12. 1 Individualized Intuitive Affirmation Creation Session.

 ** All supportive sessions are given by contracted providers that Melissa has personally used to support her wellness.**

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What People Are Saying



"As a result of sessions with Melissa, I received coping mechanisms that I'm able to use daily to overcome any potential barrier I may face."


"Melissa gives helpful tools, responds with care and intention, and challenged me to rethink the ways I thought about myself and my relationships to others."

Join The Sacred Tribe Membership