How We Help You

What It Is:

  • Are you finding yourself in the same patterns over and over again, but you can’t figure out how to change them? 
  • Are you wondering why you don’t feel satisfied even though life “should” be good? 
  • Are you unsure about where you are going?
  • Do you know “something” isn’t right, but just not sure what?

Whether you have done healing work before or are new to the journey, R.A.W. will help you get to know yourself more intimately so that you can not only answer the tough questions but also move forward in your life. 

R.A.W. is for you if:
  • your past is controlling your present,
  • you feel alone and lost on the journey to find you,
  • you don’t understand how your actions attract these experiences to you,
  • you don’t know the steps to get out of your head and into your life. 


How It Works: 

R.A.W. has 3 courses that allow you to dive progressively deeper into knowing the self. Each course is an introduction to a topic area that supports you in deeper levels of self discovery.

  • Level 1: The Foundation

  • Level 2: Child's Play (Inner Child) (Level 1 Prereq.)

  • Level 3: Standing in the Shadows (Shadow Work) (Level 1 &2 Prereq)


Each level is 6 sessions which takes place over the course of 3 months and they occur in succession. Level 1 is from January to March. Level 2 is from May to July. Level 3 is from September to November. Classes are typically scheduled twice a month on a Saturday morning from 10am.


Level 1


or $150/mo for 3 months

  • Session 1: Feelings as Information
  • Session 2: Behavior Patterns Part 1 (The Story)
  • Session 3: Behavior Patterns 2 (Tribe)
  • Session 4: Self Forgiveness
  • Session 5: Forgiveness of Others
  • Session 6: Moving Forward
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Secure Your Spot For Level 1, 2 & 3


or $150/mo for 9 months

  • Only 10 spots 
  • Everything in Level 1
  • Learn the importance of your inner child.
  • Learn how she connects to who you are today.
  • Learn all the parts of yourself that you don't want to see and how they can help you.
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"R.A.W. is the space that I have been looking for within my own healing journey for awhile now. It has truly allowed me to face that woman in the mirror. R.A.W has awakened a part of me that’s been suffocating for way too long and gave me the tools that I needed to heal and rebirth a new version of me — the REAL me."

Graduate Testimonial

"The RAW sessions are life-changing - if you do the work. Melissa creates a safe space for Black women to come together and get a handle on triggers, unhealthy coping tactics and other issues, identify the cause(s) and then coaches us how to respond better, be nicer to ourselves and shed the parts of ourselves that no longer serve us. If you’re hesitant to sign up, just go for it. You won’t regret it."
Graduate Testimonial
"The group was a space that I looked forward to every two weeks. I felt like I was in such a beautiful and uplifting community. All of us come from such different backgrounds and experiences, but the commonalities in how we experience and show up in the world were mind-blowing. The group truly exceeded my expectations."
Graduate Testimonial

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